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Initiating a claim

Do I possibly have a claim to pursue?

How do you know if you may have a claim?  The following information is useful though not definitive as there can be many variables to take into consideration (such as rare, collectible, high market demand, etc.)

1. Is the age of the vehicle 2013 or newer? (Exceptions are High End and Exotics Vehicles as mentioned above) and does the vehicle have less than 85,000 miles? 
2. Have you been in an accident in the last two to three years?  (See the link on the bottom of the FAQ's page for Statute of Limitations for your state) 
3. Is this a third party claim (someone else was at fault)?
4. Is the vehicle worth more than $7,000 and was the damage more than $1,500? 
5. Have the vehicle repairs been completed? 

To determine the feasibility of a diminished value claim, the above listed general criteria normally must be met.  The real determination is based on research, but we can get a good idea as to the feasibility of a claim if the basic criteria are in place.  More specifically:

1.  The vehicle in question must be less than seven years of age and low to average mileage.  As the vehicle age decreases, acceptable mileage may be increased, but high mileage can offset a lower age.

2.  An accident and subsequent repairs for which a claim would be submitted must have occurred within the prior two years in Colorado.  This can vary by state or change without notice.  See the link at the bottom of the FAQ's page for state laws.

3.  The claim must be against the insurance company which was responsible for the repairs (third party), not against your own insurance company.  They are responsible to make you whole whereas your own policy likely disallows this option.  Check your policy or contact your agent if you have any questions.

4.  The repairs must include some degree of structural damage (such as straightening the frame or unibody) and/or panel repair versus replacement.  The cost to give you new tires or wheels does not diminish the value of your vehicle.  Extensive paint time may also be a factor in this area.

5.  The vehicle must have had the repairs performed and documented.  A physical inspection of the vehicle will help determine pre and post repair condition of the vehicle as well as any outstanding issues that may affect the value.

What is the cost to do an initial evaluation of the feasibility?

There is no charge to do a feasibility evaluation.  It makes no sense for you to follow up on a possible claim if it will only return the cost of the appraisal, or less.

What information is needed?

We will need the following to determine a rough idea of the vehicle value before and after the repairs are performed.

1.  Year make and model of the vehicle.
2.  Any special options that can affect the vehicle base value.
2.  Date and vehicle mileage at the time of the accident.
4.  Cost of the repairs (a copy of the repair invoice is best).

I have the information, and I believe I meet the basic criteria described above.  Now what?

Fill in the following information and select the submit button.  The information will automatically be forwarded to us.

1.  Year make and model of the vehicle. 

2.  Any special options that can affect the vehicle base value.

3.  Date of the accident and vehicle mileage (or approximate mileage) .

4.  Cost of the repairs (a copy of the repair invoice is best).

5.  City and State where the vehicle is located

6. Contact information  (address, email, phone, etc). and any additional comments.  The insurance company handling the claim is useful as well.  
If there is any additional information you think would help, add it here.

If you have a copy of the repair invoice, you may also mail it, with the above basic information as described above to:

Appraisal Dynamics
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Colorado Springs, Colorado

You may also send an email with the same information to:   Subject:  DV evaluation

We can also be contacted at (719) 591-1025

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