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Be cautious! As in any profession, there are the best of the best, the worst and of course everything in between. It is vital to secure the services of true experts to assist you. When seeking a Diminished Value expert to assist you in such matters it would be wise to remember the adage: "Cheaper is Rarely Better and Better is Rarely Cheaper".  An appraisal that is inordinately high will only result in denial by the insurer and resultant court time.  An appraisal that undercuts your actual loss in value only cheats the injured party.  You need an experienced firm that can accurately determine pre and post accident values and the wise choice is Appraisal Dynamics.
Whether an individual consumer, or a seasoned professional, one would be wise to seek and secure the services of the professionals whose work product has and continues to withstand scrutiny. The folks at Appraisal Dynamics are ready to serve you!

At Appraisal Dynamics, we have over 29 years of experience in resolving diminished value claims and have worked for claimants, attorneys, insurance companies and as expert witnesses in court appearances.  We are familiar with the process from all aspects and will help you resolve your claim quickly and accurately and honestly.

Established in 1981, our highly skilled appraisers offer comprehensive knowledge and experience with more than 150,000 successfully submitted claims.  We have access to an extensive database that includes net dealer sales with diminished values accounted for and auction sales.

We are experts on all types of vehicles and have experience in the following areas:

--  American and Foreign automobiles, including rare, classic and custom vehicles.  

--  Boats, motorcycles and aircraft

--  Commercial vehicles of all types

--  Farm equipment

We offer on-site inspection, currently available in the Rocky Mountain area only.  This includes New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and, of course, Colorado.  For a small additional fee to cover travel, we can also support the needs of Kansas and Nebraska.

To submit a request for a free review,  visit the Free Evaluation page.

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